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晶賀科技 中空旋轉平台+精密電動缸+各類減速機 精密定位的整合者

DASEN SYSTEM is based on our main products which are Planetary reducer and stepping motor. 
We have accumulated a huge of experience in the field of positioning control system and transmission
system for many years.  We pursue higher level technology by testing and verifying new possibility
again and again, we hope that we can offer you the best service in our professional field.

DASEN tries to combine well industry relation with rich inexperience.  We expect to manufacture some products which meet your need in function, use and cost.  We deeply believe the best product is created by
a company with the innovative ability of research and development, professional production line, technical assistance, and complete after-sales service.

Therefore has completed "MD series Hollow rotary table", "RD series Rotary Drive”, “Precision linear actuators", "Right angle reducer", "Planetary reducer" etc.

And each product both through the instruments and equipment to do complete as such as durability,
long life, products do full checking of processes at the same time.
To Hollow rotary actuators as an example, it through Germany to create "HEIDENHAIN" angle analyzer, test their gear back-gap and repeated tolerance under our strict requirements, repeated positioning accuracy of ±5 arc/sec super high precision performance.  This accuracy even beyond imported products.